Dayton, OH (August 27, 2020) — Congratulations, Stephen Lahanas, on speaking at the 2020 AFITC conference! Titled “Accelerating Air Force Hybrid Cyber Operations”, Mr. Lahanas spoke on the ideal vision for cyber operations transformation.

Read the abstract below: 

Current Air Force strategy and tactics have thus far only embraced hybrid (Cyber) warfare on a limited basis. It is vital that the adoption of “Hybrid” operations be accelerated and expanded immediately in order to keep pace with rival nations (who in some cases have become more aggressive in their adoption of these strategies). In order to accomplish that however, a vision for how this will evolve is required – this briefing will explore that vision and illustrate how it can be manifested within real-world scenarios.


The AFITC Education and Training Event 2019 saw nearly 4000 attendees, speakers, and exhibitors all take part in the critical public/private partnership and dialogue that is key to keeping our country safe and secure. From Acting Secretary of the Air Force, Mr. Matthew Donovan to leading voices in the private sector from RedHat, Symantec, and Google, AFITC attendees hear a range of ideas, opinions, and assessments of the current state of all things cyber as well as insights into what the keys to future success will be.

This year’s event promises to be bigger, better, and to continue to build upon the topics of last year.  With the theme of Multi Domain Effects:  Integrating Data & Digital, AFITC 2020 examines the ever changing ways in “big data” and emerging cyber technologies are reshaping the landscape in which we live.