Native Village of Eyak and TACG

Who are the Native Village of Eyak?

The Native Village of Eyak (NVE) is a Federally recognized tribal government located on the south eastern shores of Prince William Sound in Alaska. NVE is comprised of four distinct Alaska Native peoples:

The TACG & NVE Story

In 2012, TACG joined the Copper River family of companies and began a relationship with the Native Village of Eyak (NVE). NVE’s vision is to promote sustainability and self-determination for their tribal members and communities. TACG honors this vision by working to build a legacy for our stakeholders.

NVE Self-Determination

Under the guidance of the Native Village of Eyak Tribal Council, the income generated from the Copper River Family of Companies helps fund health and social services, economic development, natural resource/environmental education, jobs, job training and other benefits to the Native Village of Eyak.

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